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How We Got Started

We are the proud owners and operators of our 2nd generation family farm located in middle-eastern Wisconsin. In fact, we are so east we can see Lake Michigan!  Brian was raised and worked on the farm when it was a dairy farm.  His father later decided to get out of dairy and started raising and trucking beef cattle.  Brian left farming to venture in other things only to find him self coming back to the farm many years later.  We have raised three beautiful children and now have decided it’s time for us to take on some new adventures.  Aside from raising beef cattle, in 2015, we opened up Buechler Farms Pumpkin Patch.  We love spending time with people and we love watching families coming out to the farm and simply just have some good fun. We decided to take on the challenge of hosting events like the big top circus and a rodeo.  Why not try selling Christmas trees Brian said.  “You love Christmas Irene”. So needless to say we took that on and called it “Not Just A Tree”.  Now, the biggy. What about hosting weddings at the farm?  After two years of research, the renovations started and we can happily say as of 2019 we now host weddings here at our farm!   We couldn’t be more excited!  Some people tell us we should be slowing down at our age, not taking on more work.  Well, when your passionate about something like we are about the farm, it doesn’t feel like work.  It feels like home.  And we are opening up our home (the farm) for all to come and enjoy it like we do. After all, life is a gift.

Come and Join Us

Buechler Farms LLC

587 South Royal Avenue, Belgium, WI 53004

(920) 377-0643

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